Venezia Georgieva

Hi there!

I’m Venny, a Game Designer and Developer, currently working on Altered Conduct. I’m really passionate and enthusiastic about games design, technology, and visual arts. My main goal with this project and every game I am a part of is to show players an exiting story, puzzle, or mechanic they haven’t interacted with before. I would like to help them believe that no matter how the odds are stacked, they can still come on top of any hurdle and challenge.

For over a decade now, I’ve been relentlessly pushing any limitations I thought I had in the name of crafting great games and honing my skills as part of the process. My drive and ambition have led me to explore Character Design, Level Design, Programming, Mathematics and Calculus, Concept Art, and 3D Modelling. I’ve led teams through the production of intricate prototypes and elaborate vertical slices, I’ve educated students in the art of games design through a series of workshops, and I have never stopped fighting for my goals even in the face of adversity.  

To me, games are an unstoppable force that has always driven me to be better, to constantly improve, to aim for perfection. I’m incredibly enthusiastic to see what new avenues the future will bring.