Hi, there!

I’m Venezia Georgieva, Venny for short, and I am an up and coming Game Designer and Artist. Currently, I am in the final year of my BA Games Design and Art course at the University of Southampton.

I’m really passionate and enthusiastic about games design, technology, and visual arts. My main goal with every game I am a part of is to show players an exiting story, puzzle, or mechanic they haven’t interacted with before. I would like to help them believe that no matter how the odds are stacked, they can still come on top of any hurdle and challenge. I’m concerned with crafting compelling experiences and figuring out creative solutions to digital problems.

Throughout this website, you will find a variety of projects I have been working on, which all show my many interests. In the Work Section you will find examples of my endeavors into Generated Art, Fine Art, and Photography. The As It Lies section features a detailed Game Project Proposal I have been developing as part of my final year at the University of Southampton, while the Blog features insights into my decision-making process and research.

I hope you enjoy your time on these pages and if you would like to get in touch through any of my platforms, feel free to click on the icons below.